Welcome to NEG Wales

Ensuring SAFETY for Welsh Cycling Races.

Who are we ?

National Escort Group Wales (NEG Wales)

The National Escort Group Wales is, as the name suggests, the Welsh region of the NEG. The NEG is a UK wide organisation involved in the Marshalling of Cycle Road Races.The National Escort Group was formed to provide an accredited group of motorcyclists trained to assist with the safety of cycle events held on the public highway. The National Escort Group is recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and often work alongside Police motorcyclists.

In Wales, the riders receive Police Training to gain CSAS Powers to stop & control traffic whilst on events organised by Welsh Cycling.

NEG Training & Mentoring is given free within the group. You will need a suitable bike and an IAM or RoSPA Advanced Test pass to participate.

Payment and a mileage allowance is made for each event. You will also be given free membership to British Cycling gaining their benefits and you’ll be covered by Welsh Cycling Insurance on events.

NEG members may be requested to assist with a cycling road race, either working with police motorcyclists in providing a safe route for competitors, or operating where there is no police cover by assisting with the direction of the race, and complementing static marshals. They may also assist in the safe passage of the cycling segment of triathlons.

Some NEG members may be engaged by the organiser to carry as pillion passengers race officials such as blackboard (timing board), commissaires, race service or by media companies to carry press photographers or cameramen.