Ras De Cymru

Last week we had a team of 8 plus motorcycle  marshals on the Ras De Cymru which is one of the few stage races for 2-4th cat riders. The race finished on Sunday,read the reports of one of the riders who took part to get an insight into the world of pain that is amateur cycling http://ifonlyiwerebelgian.com/

Some quotes from his report of the final stage

I was finally feeling ok and able to ride like I normally do in races. I was enjoying myself. Some of the roads were brilliant! Tight winding country lanes had the bunch well strung out. The NEG riders were doing an amazing job of stopping traffic and allowing the peloton to pass smoothly and quickly. I don’t know why, but I love sitting on the inside of a race as it brushes past hedges and overgrown undergrowth. You can feel the road buzz through the bars and saddle but the sensation of twigs and leaves bouncing from your knee and helmet really brings home the speed and risk of bike racing. You are asking for a branch to the face though…………….

………………I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the race for giving us the opportunity to pretend that we were proper cyclists for a week. The organization was incredible! As was the food and accommodation (maybe not the mattresses..). The marshals and NEG did a faultless job of keeping the race safe and the action constant. I’m sure I speak for every rider when I say that come next year, my entry form and cheque will be landing on Chris Landon’s door mat as soon as possible!

Photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclopics/

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