The National Escort Group was formed to provide an accredited group of motorcyclists trained to assist with the safety of cycle events held on the public highway. The National Escort Group is recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and often work alongside Police motorcyclists.

NEG Wales presently comprises 30 members who provide both static marshalling support and ‘rolling’ support on motorcycles. Our Motorcycle Safety Officers (MSO’s) are all experienced and highly trained riders who have undergone our stringent training programme and become accredited members of the group.

NEG members may be requested to assist with a cycling road race, either working with police motorcyclists in providing a safe route for competitors, or operating where there is no police cover by assisting with the direction of the race, and complementing static marshals. They may also assist in the safe passage of the cycling segment of triathlons.

Some NEG members may be engaged by the organiser to carry as pillion passengers race officials such as blackboard (timing board), commissaires, race service or by media companies to carry press photographers or cameramen.

National Escort Group Wales – History

The National Escort Group was formed by request of UK sport and British Cycling. A model was built that was approved by Association Of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) , ROSPA, and the HSE to ensure the safety of competitors and general public when events are used an the highway. The “Welsh National Escort Group” (WNEG) was then officially formed in 2005, during which time we had in excess of 12 motorcycle marshals. January 1st 2007 saw the rebranding of WNEG to “NEG Wales”.

We are always looking for professional, mature people to join our team. We also provide training, coaching and mentoring for new officers and always welcome new people


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